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Let us know what you are doing now so we can add you to our Alumni Spotlight page for the Avery Point 50th anniversary celebration. Even if you attended Avery Point for only one semester, we want to hear from you!
  • If you are a David L. Smith, who uses "Dave"...please feel free to put Dave Smith...
  • ex: 2010-2014 or 1999
  • Did you have a favorite class at Avery Point?

    Share it with us!

    Ex: History of Science with Helen Rozwadowski

    or Chem 1127

    or ANYTHING Kim Phillips taught!

  • Write a short blurb (40-90 words) for us to feature on the website (we do reserve the right to edit it). Tell us what you are up to currently: where are you working or studying? Are you doing anything exciting in your life or field? are you working on something new? have you entered public service, started a small business, or are you working in an entry level position at a big corporation? Do you have big plans for the future? whatever it is, we want to know!
  • Upload a picture to be featured along with your name and information provided.
  • If you have any other pictures from graduation, other events, or just every day photos of campus, we would appreciate you sending them to us so that we could feature them on the 50th Anniversary Celebration website.
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